Additional Services

At First Creek, we know there is no cookie-cutter approach that works for all organizations, yet we do have some standard approaches we take to strategic planning and leadership work that makes it efficient for you and your team. And there are other opportunities to break your organization out of a perceived box.


Working with individual leaders, whether management or board, can change the future of an organization. Many of us arrive in the nonprofit environment without specific nonprofit knowledge. The ways the nonprofit realm works can be learned.


We also have deep experience in conflict resolution.

Craig is also a Leadership Circle certified training partner. This 360 evaluation tool is the gold standard for leaders to learn about their capabilities... and possibilities. 

Public Speaking

Do you have a crowd that you'd like to motivate and inspire?

Craig Howard has extensive public speaking experience on topics related to nonprofits: governance, management, and fundraising (and the fear of fundraising). He brings in experiences from his work in nonprofit, for-profit, aviation, and from around the world.

Whether it's five people or 500, Craig can energize your audience.

Board Building

Often people are surprised to learn that many individuals on boards have never been on a nonprofit board before.


First Creek Partners works with the unique qualities of your board to find the most impactful ways to make change in your served communities. Greater impact leads to more sustainable energy from everyone involved.