Our Mission and Vision

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Mission Statement

Provide timeless counsel and facilitation to leverage and optimize the power of individuals and organizations to change their world for the better.

Vision Statements

I envision...

- Communication from leaders to the people and the communities they lead by enabling excellent conversation.

- Leadership made more effective by shifting the paradigm around being asked questions from one of 'challenge' to that of 'opportunity.'

- Facilitation valuing thoughtful questions above quick answers.

- Fostering followership that thrives in response to great leadership.

- Strategic planning that drives tactical success.

- Creating Values for a lived culture within organizations.

- Outcomes crafted so that they can scale up for larger ongoing successes.


There is a great deal to starting and growing a healthy organization and maintaining vitality to keep it moving forward. Along with vision and goals, you need to preserve and amplify your passion. Here are a few things we've learned to be true:

  • Mission is everything

  • The vision is only relevant and effective if communicated well

  • Board governs, staff manages, yet sometimes there's overlap

  • Every single person in your organization is involved in development

  • The importance of a broad base of funding sources cannot be overstated

  • While passion is the foundation of great nonprofits, effective ones plan — then execute

  • Donors give gladly when their vision for the community is matched to your niche for impact

  • A culture of open, non-critical communication is fundamental to a healthy organization