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Refine your vision.

Create your strategy.

Engage your stakeholders.

It all begins with an aspirational mission: the better world you strive to create. And then your passionate vision of all the pieces that make that real. Then the strategy to get you there. And the tactics are the literal building blocks.





Let's create this pathway to your success!


  • Help everyone understand their role in nonprofit. So many of us come to nonprofit work - both staff and board - with no nonprofit training. We came because of passion. First Creek will help everyone know boundaries, possibilities, and the best use of their energies and knowledge.

  • Re-energize your team. Bring back the passion, from founders to staff to board and volunteers - and to the community you serve.

  • Refine the roles. Founders, board members, staff, and volunteers all play critical roles, and the boundaries you started with will evolve, or may blur over time.

  • Improve communications. By opening pathways of communication, we can supercharge the effectiveness of your staff and board. The phrase, "I don't understand" is an invitation for everyone to explore.

  • Develop the board. This may simply mean working with the existing board. It may also include defining needed board member attributes, then identifying and recruiting them. And it might require the daunting job of "intentional turnover," making room for new skills and ideas in a dynamic moment for the organization. What got you here may not be what you need to get to the next level.

  • Transform fundraising. We can show the concrete steps to establishing a development program, planning and executing a capital campaign, funding special programs, or even beginning the challenging path to endowment. Broad and diverse funding is critical for long term success. If any single entity or activity represents more than 20% of your annual revenue, let's talk about diversification.

Craig is certified in Leadership Circle profile development and training. Check out this revolutionary model of leadership insight and change.


Strategic Planning

Leadership and Board Development

Whether it's a one-time session or a year-long program, we can guide you on strategic development and execution. Your leaders and your board members will develop a confidence that they're doing exactly the right thing for your organization to move it to the next level.

One on One or in Workshops

Someone has to lead, yet the best work for organizations usually comes from groups of people working together. Moderated discussions make it easier for all the good ideas to be heard.


Happy & Thriving Businesses

"I hired First Creek when we were going from a volunteer initiative to a full-fledged 501c3. I have continued to reflect on advice Craig gave and how it still influences me today.


His guidance was empathy, with the twist that he knew what to do next. It only took a few conversations to help us focus on the stuff that mattered.


Now we've grown, reaching more women internationally

through our mission than we ever thought possible."

Heidi Breeze-Harris

Founder & Executive Director

One by One

"I can't say enough about Craig's professionalism, talent and

expertise. He helped the board

make much-needed decisions, advised us on issues we struggled with, and made a huge impression on our Parkinson audience of patients/caregivers.

What impressed me most was his follow through. Many times, consultants will help and then disappear. Years later, Craig still checks in on how we're doing.

We couldn't have chosen a

better person to help us."

Amy Baach
Vice President

Parkinson Support Center of Kentuckiana

"First Creek Partners worked with us to define who we are. We had so much great energy, but going in differing directions.

After working through our perceptions,Craig joined us for a one-day session that produced a vivid, clear mission statement. It has guided UAG, but it has also guided the community around us so they know who and why we are. We are growing because of it.


On top of everything, it was a fun, engaging experience."

Marq Dean

United Artists of Georgetown



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