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Fearless Inquiry: The Book


Make Your Organization

More Efficient, More Effective, and More Fun

Very often we work in dynamic, fast moving environments with people who have terrific passion and energy, but no formal training in nonprofit work. Where you have successful people from the for-profit realm, particularly on the board level, embracing full communication methods can move you from good to great.


Fearless Inquiry adapts the tenets of Crew Resource Management (CRM) from the airline industry and adapts them to the day-to-day working of the nonprofit workplace—helping your board to improve your organizational communication, strategy, storytelling and more.

Chapters include:
• Staff and Board Roles and Relationships 

(What am I really supposed to be doing?)
• Make Meetings Great 

(Stop wasting time, and start enjoying productive interactions.)
• Takeoff is Optional - Landing is Mandatory 

(Commit to important actions only after you've answered the important questions.)
• The Fear of Shame 

(The #1 killer of big ideas and smart thinking.)
• Opacity, Transparency, and Translucency 

(Too much information can be as harmful as too little.)
• The 4 Steps to Asking Positive Questions That get Everyone to Solutions

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